GenocyberS01E01 - A New Life Form2019-08-12E19: GENOCYBER
GenocyberS01E02 - Vajranoid Attack2019-08-12E19: GENOCYBER
GenocyberS01E03 - Global War2019-08-12E19: GENOCYBER
GenocyberS01E04 - Legend of the City of the Grand Ark, Part I2019-08-12E19: GENOCYBER
GenocyberS01E05 - Legend of the City of the Grand Ark, Part II2019-08-12E19: GENOCYBER
Tales from the DarksideS02E12 - Monsters in My Closet2019-12-09E45: TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE – MONSTERS IN MY ROOM
Tales from the CryptS01E02 - And All Through the House2019-12-11E47: TALES FROM THE CRYPT – AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE
Tales from the DarksideS04E07 - The Yattering and Jack2019-12-16E50: TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE – THE YATTERING AND JACK
WerewolfS01E01 - Pilot2020-04-15E78: WEREWOLF – S01E01 – PILOT
WerewolfS01E02 - Nightwatch2020-04-22E79: WEREWOLF – S01 E02-E04
WerewolfS01E03 - The Boy Who Cried Werewolf2020-04-22E79: WEREWOLF – S01 E02-E04
WerewolfS01E04 - Black Ship2020-04-22E79: WEREWOLF – S01 E02-E04