Hello videodrones and thanks for tuning back into Channel 83. We are the TV guide for weirdos, the video word made flesh, evangelists of the obscure, and welcome to our second season! We’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works this season for all you videodrones out there. Tomorrow we’ll be kicking of a month of terrible cinema that I like to call Shitty September, where we review the worst horror movies of all time according to our listeners. After that we’ll be hitting our Halloween stride pretty hard right at the beginning of October in an attempt to review 31 movies in 31 days. Then we’ll be switching gears a bit and the theme we’re going to focus on for the remainder of the season is the horror cinema of East and Southeast Asia. Of course, in between all this stuff we’ll be releasing episodes like we always have, random rants, horror oddities, Werewolf Wednesdays, and a few guest appearances along the way. If you’re a new listener of the show, follow us on twitter at @channel83pod, send us some emails at or hop on our discord server to chat with us about anything you have on your mind. Thanks for listening and as always LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH.

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