Hello videodrones and thanks for tuning in to Channel 83 during our first season. We’re taking a break for a few months but I just wanted to leave you with a quick message to let all you guys know that we’re not just disappearing. We’re looking to launch season 2 sometime in late August or early September so you can expect us back around then! In the meantime, follow us on twitter at @channel83pod, send us some emails at or hop on our discord server to chat with us about anything you have on your mind. If you’re looking for another show to scratch that horror itch for you in the interim, check out The Best Little Horror House in Philly podcast, check out TYTD Reviews and ROTD Reviews on YouTube, or you can even go into our back catalog and listen to old episodes of Channel83. If the written word is more your speed, check out Shock, Schlock & Leftover Film Stock. Thanks for listening and as always long live the new flesh.

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