E3: ILLINOIS – 10 to Midnight (1983)

This week Channel 83 takes you to the Land of Lincoln with Halloween (1978), Child’s Play (1988), and 10 to Midnight (1983).

“As the clock ticks 10 to midnight, you’ll be riveted to your seat – here’s an action-packed police thriller that’s too close to real life for comfort! Take a clean-cut sex killer who uses legal loopholes to get away with murder, add a cop who does what he thinks is right, and ‘one side or the other, you’re not apt to remain neutral!’ (Archer Winsten, New Your Post)

Charles Bronson stars as Leo Kessler, a tough Los Angeles detective up against a cunning psycho (Gene Davis) whose genius for concocting airtight alibis is surpassed only by the horror of his erotically stimulated crimes.”

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