The Halloween season has passed and to help you get over your Halloween Hangover, we’re switching things up a bit this week and taking a look at 3 movies that are decidedly non-horror. We’re all probably feeling a little bit partied out after Halloween, so hopefully these three films will provide a palette cleanser and a much-needed break from horror. Our movies this week are Gravity from 2013, Quest for Fire from 1981, and Glengarry Glen Ross from 1992. It doesn’t get any less horror than that.


Halloween is just a few days away and we’re bringing you another Halloween-themed episode to help get you into the holiday spirit. Our theme for this week is “trick or treat” and our three films are Trick or Treat from 1986, Trick or Treats from 1982, and Trick ‘r Treat from 2007. It should be pretty obvious what our three films this week have in common.