We’re taking a look at all the films we’ve reviewed this year on Channel 83 and we’re handing out some awards for the best and worst ones in different categories. This ended up being a really long episode, and we’re not really set up to record two people so the audio quality isn’t what it usually is and the editing could be better but hopefully you can still enjoy it. If you don’t care to hear all this and just want to hear our picks for the best and worst of 2019, just skip ahead to the last 30 minutes or so. Next week, we’ll be doing another special cast discussing the future of Channel 83 and what we have planned for 2020.


Alright we are back to horror from here on out. It’s nice to take a break every once in a while but nothing beats a good horror movie and boy are there some good ones this week. Our theme this week is Idaho and we’re reviewing three horror movies that take place in the Gem State. We’ll be taking a look at Idaho Transfer from 1973, The Being from 1983, and The Reflecting Skin from 1990.


This is our second week of Halloween Hangover and while we’re still doing some non-horror films we’re slowly dipping our toes into the genre this week before getting back into it full-swing. This week we’re taking a look at 3 non-horror films directed by famous horror directors. We’ll be reviewing John Carpenter’s Elvis from 1979, Abel Ferrara’s King of New York from 1990, and Joe Dante’s Matinee from 1993.


The Halloween season has passed and to help you get over your Halloween Hangover, we’re switching things up a bit this week and taking a look at 3 movies that are decidedly non-horror. We’re all probably feeling a little bit partied out after Halloween, so hopefully these three films will provide a palette cleanser and a much-needed break from horror. Our movies this week are Gravity from 2013, Quest for Fire from 1981, and Glengarry Glen Ross from 1992. It doesn’t get any less horror than that.

E21: 1992

For the first time ever we have a special guest in the Channel 83 studio. This week we are joined by my better half, Hana. In honor of our special guest, we also have a special theme this week. Each of our movies this week came out in 1992, the year Hana was born, and I picked each movie with her tastes in mind. This week we have a TNT made-for-TV version of Frankenstein, a super obscure movie out of Hong Kong called The Cat, and the Brian De Palma film Raising Cain.


Our theme for this week is names, and the names of the antagonists in each of our films figure prominently into the plot. In addition, each of our films this week is based off of a pre-existing story. We’ll be reviewing the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation The Unnamable from 1988, 1995’s fairy tale horror Rumpelstiltskin, and 1992’s Candyman based off of a Clive Barker short story.


Channel 83 is a podcast dedicated to bringing you the best, worst, and weirdest that horror cinema has to offer. Each week, we will be picking three films that are tied together with a loose theme. We will give you a synopsis of each film, followed by a review/analysis/recommendation/anything else that we think you might find interesting.

In addition, we’ll be broadcasting these films so that you, the listeners, will have the chance to check out the films that we discuss.

What sort of movies can you expect? Well, we’ll be going through the horror franchises both major and minor, forgotten classics, unknown schlock, foreign oddities, and everything in-between. Horror can be a difficult genre to define so there may be some films that teeter on the edge. No matter the movie, we will always strive to provide you with content that will entertain, interest, or disgust horror buffs and horror noobs alike.

Thank you for listening, and long live the new flesh.